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1.The Significance of Information and Communication Technology in the Present era : Its Implication in Teacher EducationProf. Md. Tanwir YunusDownload
2.An Analysis of Educational Conditions of Muslims in the light of Sachar Committee and Fatmi Committee ReportsProf. Faiz AhmadDownload
3.Analysis of the Relationship Between Educational Attainment in this globalized SocietyMd. Absarul HaqueDownload
4.Miracles of Education For International Understanding :Harmony and PeaceAfroz BanoDownload
5.Mathematics Teaching at Secondary level through Flipped Class approach: A Theoretical FrameworkDr Zafar Iqbal ZaidiDownload
6.The status of Indian Primary Education, Developmental Measures and Teaching Competency of Primary School TeachersMd. Tanweer AlamDownload
7.Context and Constructs of Human Rights Education, Academic and SpiritualKamran HasanDownload
8.Critical Analysis of LPG reforms in IndiaDr. Pankaj KumarDownload
9.Improving Quality in Education, Excellence and Productivity in Universities of Higher LearningDr. Ram Nagina RajakDownload
10.Living with COVID 19 : A Psychological ApproachArchana Bharti, Dr.Kiran BalaDownload
11.Usage of Newspapers for Enhancing Reading Skills Among Secondary School StudentsSabiha Majeed, Dr. Kishwar WajidDownload
12.Issues and Challenges of E-Commerce in India Dr. Preety KumariDownload
13.A Study on the Sectorial Disbursement of Loans and Sectorial NPA:A Light for Banks NPA ReformDr. Vivek ShankarDownload
14.Partition and Refugee Problems in India: A Case Study of the Refugee Problems in Murshidabad of West Bengal (1947-1972)Bapan Kumar DasDownload
15.A Study of Women Burma in Pagan PeriodMd Zafar IqbalDownload
16.स्वामी विवेकानन्द के राष्ट्रीयता-अभिमुखी शैक्षिक विचारदिव्या सिंहDownload
17.नैतिक शिक्षा के विकास में महात्मा गाँधी का योगदान ऐश्वर्या गिरिDownload
18.मगध और मिथिला क्षेत्र के चौहट गीतों की भाव-व्यंजना
चौसामा के चौहट
अदिति वर्माDownload
19.उत्तररामचरितम् की क्रियायोजनाओं का काव्यभाषिक सौन्दयडॉ. शिव कुमार Download