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All papers received will be submitted to a peer review process. The editors may discard some manuscripts from the outright due to notorious low quality or dis adjustment with the Journal scope. Taking in consideration its subjects, the papers, the preliminary screening very manuscript submitted for publication is read at least by the editor, for an initial review it  will be remitted to a panel to referees involved in those research areas. They can be either external or members of the editorial Board, through always chosen by their recognized expertise. Each paper will be reviewed by two referees. After evaluation the referees involved in those reports about the works reviewed by which the papers can be:
  1. Accepted with modification or corrections
  2. Approved as they are
  3. Rejected from the start. In case that the papers proposed are accepted but in need of modifications or corrections the editors will return the manuscripts to the authors, together with the referee‘s reports and all the suggestions, recommendations and comments therein.
To secure impartiality during the review process, all papers, as remitted to the referees, will be anonymous. Moreover, the referees , identities will not be known, neither by the rest of the evaluation panel, nor by the authors. The final decision concerning the publication of papers belongs to the editorial Board, having the referees a consultative role. Whether significant revisions are proposed, acceptance is dependent on whether the author can deal with those satisfactorily. Policy on Plagiarism: The journal does check plagiarism of submitted paper through open source software. Author (s) should also submit non – plagiarism declaration form to minimized academic dishonesty. Author (s) are requested to check their manuscript on anti- plagiarism software before submitting it for publication to complain, please feel free to contact us:- Contact No.- 9431071782, 8409809168 e-mail: idealreview@gmail.com