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S.N.ArticleAuthor’s Download
1.The New Education Policy- 2020, Perspective,
Comprehensiveness, Paradigm shift in India’s
Education System
Prof.(Dr.) Md. Tanwir YunusDownload
2.Research Ethics and National Education Policy 2020Prof. Faiz AhmadDownload
3.Struggling to Find A Voice: Women’s Struggle to
Find Self Identity in Novels of Shashi Deshpande
Banni Srivastava, Dr. D. N. SinhaDownload
4.Critical Understanding and Significance of Information
Communication Technology (ICT) in Education in
Present day Scenario
Dr. Rajiv KumarDownload
5.Jawaharlal Nehru and 1857 : A Critique of Nehru’s
Ideas on 1857 and Its Historical Significance
Dr. Anamika Murmu, Dr. Dinesh Narayan VermaDownload
6.Building an inclusive Education Resource Centre for
Children with Disabilities
Deep Kumar, Prof. Madhu SinghDownload
7.Children of Working and Non-Working Mothers and
their Adjustment
Ghanshyam Kumar JhaDownload
8.Time Management Skills and Achievment of
Government in Secondary School Students
Dr. Shafayat AhmadDownload
9.Virtual LearningProf. Pravat Kumar DhalDownload
10.Evaluation on Post Harvest Technology of Foods :
A Geographical Study
Akhilesh Kumar SinghDownload
11.Women’s Subordination Under Patriarchal Hegemony:
A Study of Manju Kapur’s A Married Women
Preeti KumariDownload
12.Personality Correlates of Job Satisfaction in Rural
and Urban Senior Secondary School Teachers`
Dr. Nirupma SinhaDownload
13.Social Consciousness in the Novels of Kamala
14.Role of ICT in Secondary EducationDr. Kamal Prasad BauddhaDownload
15.Environmental Behaviour of Pupil’s
Teachers’ Relationship
Aishwarya Giri, Prof. A. R. KhanDownload
16.Emerging Issues and Challenges of Higher EducationAlok RanjanDownload
17.Changing Paradigms of Development: Perspective and
Changes in India
Dr. Pankaj Kumar
18.An Overview Of Ecological IntelligenceMd. Amanullah, Dr. Shafayat AhmadDownload
19.Disintegration of the Hindu joint family system
in the 20th century
Adya SurbhiDownload
20.जेण्डर एवं स्थान के संदर्भ में माध्यमिक अध्यापको की कार्यसंतुष्टि का अध्यन डॉ. ललित कुमार , डॉ राज कुमार Download
21.प्रवासी हिन्दी लेखिकाओ की कथा सवेंदना का अनुशीलन डॉ. शांति भूषण Download
22.पटना ज़िले के शहरी क्षेत्रों की महिलाओं में राजनीतिक अधिकार के प्रति जागरूकताचांदनी कुमारी, डॉ रजिया नसरीनDownload
23.सरकारी स्वास्थय सेवा व ग्रामीण महिला के स्वास्थय सुधार का विवेचनात्यमक अध्ययन : बिहार राज्य के पटना जिला के संदर्भ में सुचिता कुमारी, डॉ. विमला पॉलDownload