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1Mahatma Jyotirao Phule 1827-1890 and His Writings: A Critique of His Revolutionary IdeasDr. Dinesh Narayan VermDownload
2An impact analysis of hidden hunger among working tribal women in the unorganized sector of JharkhandAbhishek Kumar, Prof. Pravin KumarDownload
3Emotional Intelligence Affecting Quality of Life among University Teachers of Bihar: A Systematic Review Ajitabh Kumar, Dr. Sheo Sagar PrasadDownload
4Surrogacy: Human Values and Professional EthicsKumari DollyDownload
5Exposure of chlorpyrifos pesticide on Indian major carps (IMCs) alters behavioural, haematological and biochemical parametersAbhinity Kumari, Dr. Preety Sinha, Dr. Sunit SinghDownload
6Role of Information & Communication Technology in Human Ethical ValuesVibha Kumari, Dr. Jay Prakash SinghDownload
7The Multilingual Approaches to Teaching and the Role of TeachersKavita SrivastavaDownload
8Assuring Quality Higher Education in India: Challenges and ProspectsProf. Md Faiz AhmadDownload
9Covid-19 Pandemic: Examining the Impact and Government’s Efficacy for the Development of Education Sector in IndiaPuja Agarwal, Benoy Kumar LalDownload
10Study On Labour Productivity of Construction Projects in Bihar Shikha KumariDownload
11Impact of Academic Anxiety on Academic Performance among High School Male and Female Students in Urban AreasSugandha, Dr. Priyanka kumariDownload
12The Intersection of Domestic Policy and Household Management:A Study of Government Programs on Family WelfarePinky Mishra, Dr. Kavita DalmiaDownload
13A Brief History Of Madrasas Under Delhi SultanateDr. Mohammad Hanif AhmadDownload
14E-commerce Trends in IndiaNeha KumariDownload
15Exploring the Complexities of Citizenship and Public Policy in India:A Critical Analysis of Contemporary DebatesPinky MishraDownload
16Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and Women Empowerment in Rural Bihar Amrapali, Dr Surendra KumarDownload
17Effective Preventative Education Towards Removal of Learning Disorders in School EducationRamkamal Chottoraj , Prof. Dinkar Kr. DikshitDownload
18Effect of gender on Psychological well-being: A comparative study among University studentsNeha Raza Md. Iftekhar HossainDownload
19Role of Gender on Perceived Stress and Loneliness in Elder PeopleRakesh KumarDownload
20भागवतगीता : भारतीय संस्कृति का जीवन ग्रंथ प्रो.(डॉ.) शालिनी Download
21वैशविक शान्ति में भगवान बुद्ध का योगदान डॉ. वीरेंद्र पांडेय Download
22विद्यालय में पाठ्यक्रम द्वारा छात्रों का विकास डॉ. विक्रम सिंह Download
23भगवान बुद्ध एवं भिक्षुणी संघ नादिरा अशरफ प्रो माला सिन्हा Download
24पाखंड के विविध रूपों पर चोट करता मठाधीशडॉ. शिव कुमार Download