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S.NArticleAuther’s Download
1.My experience and view as PrincipaProf. Ashutosh KumarDownload
2. Common School System : A Road Map of BiharDr. Amola KumariDownload
3.The Impact of Human Resource Management on Total Quality
Farhan KhanDownload
4.Perception of School Teachers Towards Actualising Inclusive EducationSana Fatima, Prof. Madhu SinghDownload
5.Postpartum Depression Common But Undiagnosed and Untreated Mental Disorder Dr. Kiran Bala Archana BhartiDownload
6.Contribution of Madarsa Education System in Present ScenarioProf. Md. Faiz AhmadDownload
7.From the Tricolour Flag to the Red Flag,Remembering Bhagirathi Pattanayak of Sambalpur of OdishaDr. Dinesh Narayan Verma
8.A Critique of Colonial Politics and Emergence of Politica Consciousness in Santal Parganas (1870-1945)Dr. Ishwar MarandiDownload
9.The Way Forward with Sustainable DevelopmentSardar RamDownload
10. Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 in Assam: A Route to Complicated Multicultural AccommodationPinky MishraDownload
11.The Influence of Classroom Interaction on Social Intelligence Kumari NehaDownload
12. Psychological wellbeing amongst college students in context of Social Networking sites; A Comparative Study Dr. Md. Iftekhar HossainDownload
13. Lecture -The Master Method and Approach of TeachingProf. Lalit KumarDownload
14.Human Rights Education: An Promote to Global PeaceProf. Kamal Prasad BauddhaDownload
15.Inconsistencies of Tribal Historiography, The Santal Hul of 1855-1856 and the Use of Poisoned ArrowsDr. Dinesh Narayan VermaDownload
16.Architectonics implied in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things Amritanshu KumarDownload
17.Challenges In School Education In West Bengal: An OverviewAjahar IslamDownload
18.बिहार की लोक कला में आंचलिक महिलओं की सहभगिता डॉ. राखी कुमारी Download
19डॉ. भीमराव अम्बेडकर का जीवन दर्शन, विचार, कार्य से परिपूर्ण व्यक्तित्व एव दलितों के प्रति उनका दृष्टिकोण ( एक आलोचनात्मक अध्ययन )अंजू शुक्लाDownload
ध्रुवस्वामिनी एव नारी स्वंतत्रा की समस्या
कैलाश पंडित Download
21.विश्वशांति और बुद्ध की देशन देशनlओ को उपlदेयता चन्द्र कुमार पांडेय Download
22.अमृत महोत्सव में यमदूत में व्यंग की गजब मारक क्षमताडॉ. अश्वती वर्मा Download