Rules Regulation

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1. The school timing will change as per seasons since the students are very small in lower sections

2. Guardians who drop the children to school should see that the child reaches at least 10 minutes before time.

3. Student’s should come in proper school dress (Neat & tidy with black shoes, black socks)

4. No child will be entertained in school if he/she is not in proper school dress except play ground.

5. If a child is absent from school he/she should be accompanied by a leave application. If the child is absent by more than 3 days he /she has to provide medical certificate.

6. No guardians will be allowed to meet the students or teacher during the class hours.

7. The Guardians are free to enquiry about their ward’s progress once in month on Saturday between 9:00 am to 1Pm.

8. For calendar year 2016-17 the tuition fee & Van charge has to be deposited on quarterly basis. April-June by 10th of April July-Sep by 10 of July. Oct-Dec by 10thof oct & Jan-March by 10th march.

9. For any information or communication kindly 0631-2250024 or 9430051833 (Whatsapp No.) till 7.00 AM to 1.00 PM only.

10. The decision of the school regarding promotion and termination will be final.

11. Fee’s once deposited cannot be refunded in any cases. (Admission+Tuition+Prospectus etc.)

12. Any judicial matter will be taken up only in Gaya District-Judiciary.

13. For any further clarification and information kindly contact school office.